Welcome to Team Stampede’s website. We are a group of cyclists and triathletes living in and around Missoula, Montana. We are proud of our long history of sharing great racing, great living, and great friendships.  Join us!

For the winter, we encourage you to join us for group trainer rides, which will be held in the basement of The Runners Edge at 7:00pm every Monday. If you don’t have a trainer, we have some loaners. Contact Jesse for more information at jqcarnes@gmail.com, or send inquiries through the “Contact Us” link on this site.


About Team Stampede

Originally founded in the mid-1990s, Team Stampede is a local club triathlon team in Missoula, Montana. We have members ranging from teenagers to septuagenarians, professional triathletes to first-timers, and everything in between. Our members race often throughout the Northwestern U.S. and parts of Canada, as well as traveling to races all over the globe. We race and train for fun, fitness, and a sense of community, and are deeply dedicated to positively representing Missoula and all of Montana at our out-of-state races. Learn More . . .

Our Lookbook : Training, Races, And Quality Friendships.

Ironman Finish
Team Stampede
Grizzly Tri 2. Photo by Myke Hermsmeyer Photography, www.mykejh.com.
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Team Stampede